Accutron CT

                   Accutron CT


Model: CT 871 - Single head CT injector on castor stand, power supply version.

Accutron CT is a single head injector for computed tomography. This entry model is most recommendable whether you are budget conscious or newly exploring the potential use of a powered injector in your CT department.

Similar to most injectors of Medtron, this CT 871 also offers comfort and safety features such as touch screen interface, an optional remote touch screen for your control room as well as a hand switch all of which is supported by our renowned injection control software technology.

Highlights and options

Double Head Heated receptacles
Pre filled syringe adaptor
Remote control touch screen wireless
Hand switch
Select scanner interfaces available


Technical data

Injection volume 200 ml max
No of phrase 1-6 phases
Injection pressure 21 bar
Flow rate 0.1-10 ml/s
Partial injection volume 1-200 ml
Injection profile 80 profiles
Injection phrase and scan delay 1-255 s
Filling speed 1-5 ml/s

Filling of injection syringes

Automatic via menu with volume input or manual with variable speed

Power Supply

Input voltage charger 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

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