Accutron MR

                   Accutron MR

Model: MR880 MRI injector on castor stand, battery version

Accutron MR is a double head injector for precise injection of contrast media and saline in MR clinical imaging including pediatric, angiography, neuro and mammography as well as other routine MR examinations.

The double 65 ml/200 ml injection volume capacity of the Accutron MR can be programmed to use multiple-phase protocols, including pure contrast or simultaneous contrast and saline injections. The patency of the patient’s IV access can be protected by using the Keep Vein Open function and we have extended Accutron MRs’ compatibility by enabling it to work with pre-filled syringes instantly so as to adapt to your choice of contrast.

The Accutron MR continues to push the limits of wireless operations now allowing two MR units to share the same injector with the use of a separate touch screen for each scanner.

Highlight and options

Double head receptacles

Keep Vein Open (KVP) software helps to maintain vascular access during longer imaging procedures

Select prefilled syringes helps to improve hygiene and reduce contamination risk as well as improving patient turnaround times

Wireless and mobile

Touch screen remote control


More information
More information

Technical data

Injection & phase delay 200 ml max
No of phases 1-6 phases
Injection pressure 21 bar max
Flow rate 0.1-10 ml/s
Partial injection volume                 1 -200 ml
Injection profile                             80 profiles
Injection phrase and scan delay   1-255 s
Filling speed                                 1-5 ml/s
Keep vein open                              1 ml every 2 minutes

Filling of injection syringes
Automatic via menu with volume input or manual with variable speed
Use of optimized tube systems with check valves
Power Supper
High output rechargeable battery, completely independent from the main supply
Input voltage charger 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Mechanical design
Swiveling injection units connected to a mobile column stand
Total weight: 37 kg

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