Accutron HP

                  Accutron HP

Model: HP832 Single head HP injector on castor stand, power supply version     

              HP836 Single head HP injector on castor stand, battery version

Accutron HP is a contrast delivery system designed for precise injection of contrast media in angiography procedures at high pressure. It is a multi-talented injector because it also offers standard pressure “CT Mode” in addition to the high pressure for angiography “Angio Mode”, both functions in one injector.

It features a 200 ml injection volume capacity, an automatic detection of the pressure jacket and flow rate monitoring software that provides real-time micro adjustments for maintaining an optimal flow rate.

The Accutron HP smartly adapts to fit your differing requirements. Regardless if you need a mobile imaging feature to be added to a surgical environment, the battery powered version can offer ideal wireless interoperability with mobile C-Arms.

Highlights and options

Numerous C arms interfaces available

Touch screen wireless remote control

Pressure jacket

Infusion stand

Technical data

Injection & phase delay 1-255 s
X-Ray & scan delay 1-99 s
Injection pressure 21 bar  for CT mode
83 bar for Angio mode
Flow rate 0.1-10 ml/s for CT mode
0.1-30 ml/s for Angio mode
Injectionprofile                              120 profiles
No of phases 80 profiles
Injection phrase and scan delay 1-3 phases

Filling of injection syringes
Automatic via menu with volume input or manual with variable speed
Use of optimized high pressure tube systems with check valves
Power Supply
High output rechargeable battery makes the operation completely
independent from the main supply
Input voltage charger 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Mechanical design
Swiveling injection units connected to a mobile column stand
Hand switch to control the injection
Total weight: 41 kg

More information

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