Accutron HP-D

                  Accutron HP-D

Model: HP 833 Double head HP injector on castor stand, battery version

 HP 833 is a double head injector for angiography. It is a multi-talented injector because it also offers standard pressure “CT Mode” in addition to the high pressure for angiography “Angio Mode”, both functions in one injector.

Particularly suitable for 3D angiography and Cone Beam CT due in part to its multiple phase capability and contrast concentration adjustment by simultaneous saline injection and its 180° swivel mounted monitor which allows the user to operate it from both sides of the OR table. It can also synchronize wirelessly with the angiography systems using a specialized OEM interface.

The HP 833 is complete wireless and mobile, allowing you to quickly change examination rooms when needed. In addition, it also integrates with scanner interface, resulting in shorter patient turnaround times.

Highlights and options

Select scanners interface available

Touch screen wireless remote control

Pressure jacket

                                HP 833

Technical data

Injection & phase delay 1-255 s
X-Ray & scan delay 1-99 s
Injection pressure 21 bar  for CT mode
83 bar for Angio mode
Flow rate 0.1-10 ml/s for CT mode
0.1-30 ml/s for Angio mode
Injectionprofile                              120 profiles
No of phases 1-3 phases
Filling speed 1 – 4 ml/s
Keep Vein Open 1-4 ml every 4 minutes
Rise time 0.1 -10 s

Filling of injection syringes
Automatic via menu with volume input or manual with variable speed
Use of optimized high pressure tube systems with check valves
Power Supply
High output rechargeable battery makes the operation completely
independent from the main supply
Input voltage charger 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Mechanical design
Swiveling injection units connected to a mobile column stand
Hand switch to control the injection
Total weight: 41 kg

More information

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