Accutron Thera

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Model: TH700 - Double head injector for innovative therapies and diagnostics

Developed for liquid administration in therapeutical applications. This device is easy to operate, smooth to move around the treatment rooms and quickly adaptable to various specific procedural environments, the Accutron Thera provides injection services for the development of innovative therapeutic procedures in a wide variety of pathologies.

With two pistons on the injector, the Accutron Thera can inject two different fluids for therapeutic purposes in a well-defined and reproducible manner. Continuous injection pressure ensures homogeneous nebulization. The ability to administer two fluids eliminates the need for changeover and reduces your preparation and application time.

Highlights and options

Quickly ready for use thanks to compact device architecture

large volume capacity of 2 x 200 ml

high pressure, high flow rates

multiphase protocol design

multiple fluid delivery through sequential or simultaneous injections

real-time monitoring of the application protocol

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